Moon & Rabbits

Side-by-side comparison of the two Moon & Rabbits prints; the brown-on-tan print is on the left and the blue-on-white print is on the right.
  • $30.00
  • 4×6"
  • 40

The blue edition is printed on smooth white cotton paper using a custom navy blend of oil-based inks.

  • 40

The brown edition is printed on textured tan paper using a custom brown blend of oil-based inks.

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There is a Japanese folktale that tells of an industrious rabbit living on the moon and pounding rice cake. This is my take on that story: the rabbit in the moon looks towards earth to see how its brethren are fairing.

Two limited editions were printed using this block; they differ in both color and type of paper. Click on an option above to learn about each print edition.

These works are original linocut block prints. Each work is handprinted on a hand-torn sheet of fine art paper.

Because each print is a handprinted original, there will be slight variations between prints. Prints are sold unframed.