Old Fashioned

A trio of three square prints, slightly overlapping, of an old fashioned donut. The left-most print has yellow stripes in the background of a yellow and orange donut. The middle print has the same pattern but with a bright pink background. The right-most print has the same pattern with a bright pink background, minus the yellow stripes.
  • $95.00
  • 8×8"
  • 26
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The light crunch as you bite through the glaze, then the soft sinking of your teeth into the rich donut body… Are you a fan of old fashioned donuts? or do you prefer a different treat?

These prints are reduction linocut block prints made from a single piece of linoleum, which means that only one piece of linoleum was used to create the entire image. After printing each color, more material gets carved away; the print comes to life as the linoleum block’s printable area gets smaller and smaller. One of the product images shows the final state of the block with only a small amount of raised area: this was used to print the donut outline.

The print variation with a white background contains six different layers of ink; the two variations with pink backgrounds consist of seven layers. All total, this print edition represents about a month of work spread out over many activities: planning the print and ink colors, carving (and re-carving) the linoleum block, printing each color layer, and waiting for the ink to dry.

This piece of artwork is a hand-printed and limited-edition linocut block print. There are three different variations available, all of which are part of the same limited edition of 27 prints. Within each variation, there may be some differences between prints; your print may look slightly different than the example images.