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Back in Hanoi for Housekeeping


We left Hanoi on February 6, and we arrived back in the city on March 2. Our 24-day journey took us through the backroads of Northern Vietnam, west and north to Sa Pa, east and north to Hà Giang, and then further east to Cao Bằng. We met a multitude of friendly people, ate tasty food, and learned a lot about some of the ethnic minority people in Northern Vietnam. Here’s the full list of posts:

Jake and I constructed a list of things to do while we were in Hanoi:

Things to Buy

Things to Do

We didn’t accomplish everything we originally set out to, and we ended up staying three days instead of the originally planned two. However, we enjoyed relaxing in a familiar city; Hanoi, even the touristy Old Town, as an incredibly warm and friendly place. We visited the night market for window shopping and trying a multitude of tasty snacks (we ended up with chè for dinner at least one night). We joined the throngs of people wandering the streets surrounding Hoan Kiem Lake, as those streets are closed to all cars and motorcycles on weekend evenings. Before we left, we took a trip down (not-so-distant) memory lane; we revisited the corner restaurant that served us our first ever lunch in Vietnam (mỳ vằn thắn — wonton noodle soup).