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Shanghai Food Adventures, part 3


I can’t believe that I haven’t mentioned Din Tai Feng already, seeing as how I visited the restaurant a total of at least five times during my two-month stay. This is a restaurant chain that serves Shanghai-style soup dumplings, although the chain originally started in Taiwan. According to all the expat blogs I read before arriving in Shanghai, Din Tai Feng (the English name was changed to Din Tai Fung to make it easier to pronounce correctly) has the tastiest and best made Shanghai soup dumplings in the city. As an added perk, there are restaurant locations in both Seattle and LA.

Around the corner from the hotel was a very small restaurant that served Muslim food. There is a very large Muslim population in western China, and the family that owned the restaurant was originally from there. I had handmade noodles (a special knife is used to scrape dough off of a block, and those strips of dough are cooked in the soup). Wenrui and I shared a sandwich of sorts that contained pork, cucumber, and bell peppers. Tasty…

Shanghai cuisine does not have as much international variety as the United States (particularly San Francisco), but Wenrui and I were able to find a very tasty Thai place in a mall in the Financial district.