Folded Lepidoptera

Three overlapping prints of butterflies on white paper, sitting on top of rumpled black and blue fabric. The butterfly at top left is magenta on white paper; top right is cyan on white paper; bottom left is white on black paper. All butterflies are in a geometric style, comprised of overlapping triangles printed with different ink density.
  • $40.00
  • 5×7"
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This print was inspired by the origami butterflies of Michael G. LaFosse.

To make each print, a layer of ink was rolled onto a folded butterfly, then the inky origami was carefully pressed into 100% cotton printing paper. Folded paper layers result in areas of varying ink coverage. Watch a short video of the process.

This is an open edition of prints. Designs will vary between colors, and because each work is hand-inked and hand-pressed, there will be variations between prints.

Prints are sold unframed. All prints fit in a standard 5x7” frame.

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