Folded Lepidoptera

Two overlapping prints of butterflies on white paper, sitting on top of rumpled black and blue fabric. The butterfly in the print at the top of the image is cyan; the butterfly in the print at the bottom of the image is magenta. Both butterflies are in a geometric, comprised of overlapping triangles printed with different ink density.
  • $30.00
  • 5×7"
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This print was inspired by the origami butterflies of Michael G. LaFosse.

To make each print, a layer of ink was rolled onto a folded origami butterfly, then the inky origami was carefully pressed into printing paper. Folded paper layers result in areas of varying ink coverage. Watch a short video of the printing process.

There are a limited number of each color available. I will be printing more later in August – if ready-to-ship options are sold out, please consider pre-ordering!

This is an open edition of prints. Designs will vary between colors, and because each work is hand-inked and hand-pressed, there will be variations between prints.

Prints are sold unframed. As an example of ways to display your print, there are images of the prints in an 8x10” frame, both float-framed and behind a traditional mat.