Two prints, one overlaid on the other. The top one is a smaller rectangle with a continuous-line depiction of a persimmon. The bottom print is square with the same persimmon and a colored background.
  • $20.00+
  • 4×6"
  • 2×6"
  • 50

This simple print was created using the linework carving and black ink.

  • 8×8"
  • 6×6.5"
  • 26

The full color edition was printed using orange and green blocks of color and two subtle blue gradients, paired with the black linework block.

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I’ve always thought of persimmon as a fruit of my childhood. Every year, relatives would pick bags and bags of persimmon from their tree and distribute it amongst the family. We often had a large overflowing bowl of them on the kitchen counter.

I created two print editions around a handcarved linoleum block of a persimmon line drawing. These pieces of artwork are hand-printed and limited-edition linocut block prints. Select an option above to learn more about the two editions. All works are printed on off-white cotton paper using oil-based inks, and the four paper edges are torn to size.

Because each print is a handprinted original, there will be slight variations between prints. Prints are sold unframed.