Twill Weave

A rectangular rendering of a type of twill weave cloth, depicted in black and white ink. The black ink shows the outline of threads, and white ink is used to color threads traveling in the up-and-down direction. The image has a black border and is printed on tan paper; the artwork is numbered, labeled, and signed along the bottom edge of the print.
  • $45.00
  • 6×8"
  • 30

Weaving can produce fabric with striking geometric forms. Viewed up close, the geometric grid lines in this print dominate; viewed from afar, the diagonal lines take precedent.

This print was born from my desire to explore complex weaving drafts. I carved this particular pattern because my loom is incapable of weaving a twill pattern this complex. I added a second color to distinguish the warp and weft threads and to make the diagonal pattern pop.

This work is an original linocut block print, part of a limited edition of only 30 prints. Each work is handprinted using two different carved linoleum blocks, the first inked up in white, the second inked up in black; both inks are oil-based. The grid-like surface texture of the tan paper compliments the geometric print. The paper may have one edge that is cleanly cut; the remaining three edges will be either a torn edge or the natural deckle edge.

Because each piece is a handprinted original, there will be slight variations between prints. All prints are sold without a frame.