Knit Study No. 1

A vertical print in black ink on white paper, with textured paper edges. The printed area forms a square, with a 2x2 grid of different stitches. The top right quadrant is of garter stitch, with defined horizontal rows. The bottom right quadrant has repeating nested V-shapes. The bottom left quadrant is of seed stitch, with a checkerboard of light and dark stitches. The top left quadrant has horizontal marks.
  • $50.00
  • 8×10"
  • 35

Tiny details contain a world of beauty.

I’ve always been interested in how things are made, how the structure of knit fabric informs its function, how the linked stitches allow the fabric to stretch and spring back into shape. This print depicts four different knit stitch swatches (clockwise from top left): reverse stockinette, garter, stockinette, and seed stitch.

This work is an original linocut block print, part of a limited edition of only 35 prints. Each work is handprinted using black oil-based ink on white cotton paper. The paper may have one edge that is cleanly cut; the remaining three edges will be either a torn edge or the natural deckle edge.

Because each print is a handprinted original, there will be slight variations between prints. Prints are sold unframed.

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