PNW Vignette 5: Pika

A black and white depiction of a pike crouched amongst granite bolders. The image is printed in black ink, and the white paper sits above a rumpled fabric backdrop.
  • $30.00
  • 5×5"

You’ll hear a pika’s piercing chirp long before you see them. If you’re lucky though, you might catch a glimpse of one surveying its talus-slope domain.

This is an open edition of prints. Each print is carefully handprinted using a hand-carved linocut block onto lovely cotton paper. All paper edges are hand-torn to showcase the delicate paper fibers.

Because each print is an original work of art, there will be some variation between prints. Prints are sold unframed.

PNW Vignettes: Each print in this series draws inspiration from the Pacific Northwest.

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