A single taiyaki print on light tan paper, depicted in brown with a pale blue grey background decorated with a sashiko stitch pattern. The print sits on top of an artfully crumpled grey piece of cloth.
  • $30.00
  • 4×6"
  • 30

Taiyaki are a common street food snack in Japan. They’re somewhat akin to a fresh waffle with a red bean paste filling, served piping hot. These prints are slightly smaller than life sized. The background is decorated with a subtle sashiko-inspired stitch pattern.

This work is an original linocut block print, part of a limited edition of only 30 prints. Each work is handprinted using two different hand-carved linoleum blocks. The first block is inked up in brown to print the taiyaki, and the second is inked up in a pale blue/green/grey to print the background. Both inks are oil-based. The paper is a warm tan color. The paper may have one edge that is cleanly cut; the remaining three edges will be either a torn edge or the natural deckle edge.

Because each print is a handprinted original work of art, there will be slight variations between prints. Prints are sold without a frame.