Mitarashi Dango

A square print on top of rumpled navy fabric with light colored X's. The print is done in three colors and depicts two brown skewers each containing two mochi balls, covered in a yellow-orange sauce. The print is signed in the bottom right corner with 'LN 1/100'.
  • $50.00
  • 4×4"
  • 100

Skewered mochi balls, grilled to perfection then drizzled with a sweet soy sauce glaze – it’s the perfect blend of savory and sweet.

This print is part of a limited edition of only 100 prints. Each print is carefully handprinted using a set of three hand-carved linocut blocks. The paper is cream-colored and 100% cotton, and the four edges are either hand-torn or deckled. The front of each print is signed with the artist’s initials and the edition number; the back of each print is labeled with full print details.

Because each print is an original work of art, there will be some variation between prints.

Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets, often made using mochi and an, or red bean paste. Each print in this series is handprinted on 4x4" paper and features a different type of wagashi.

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