Sakura Mochi

A pink and green print of a Japanese mochi dessert, printed using simple block shapes on thick cream colored paper. The print is labelled on the bottom right edge with the artist initials LN and the edition number 1/100. The paper has rough textured edges (the top edge of the print is a deckle edge). The print lies on top of a geometric navy piece of fabric.
  • $50.00
  • 4×4"
  • 100

Sakura mochi are traditionally eaten on Hinamatsuri, Japanese Girl’s Day or Doll’s Day (March 3). They are a style of wagashi, or traditional Japanese sweets, that can be found at your local manju-ya, Japanese sweet shop. This particular dessert consists of red bean paste surrounded by pink glutinous rice, all wrapped in a pickled cherry leaf.

This print is part of a limited edition of only 100 prints. Each print is carefully handprinted using a series of three hand-carved linocut blocks onto thick, cream-colored cotton paper. The front of each print is signed with the artist’s initials and the edition number; the back of each print is labeled with the full print information.

Because each print is an original work of art, there will be some variation between prints.

Wagashi are traditional Japanese sweets, often made using mochi and an, or red bean paste. Each print in this series is handprinted on 4x4" paper and features a different type of wagashi.

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